Beetle Board

Why is play important? Children learn through play..Though learning happens right from birth, you may wonder how we build more complex, higher-order skills such as creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and problem-solving. One approach-often…

Gator grabbers

The ideal size for little hands, the tension is just right to get a workout for the hands without them using bad motor patterns because they have to squeeze too hard to activate their tweezers.  Teachers and therapists are the masters of engaging…

Float a ball

Float a ball – highly recommended by speech therapists AND it’s fun! Fun, floating ball game for children. While play children develop muscles used in speech. See who can keep their ball in the air the longest. Includes 2 air pipes and…

A2 Discussion Poster - Construction

A child’s vocabulary must keep on expanding: receptive and expressive vocabulary. Receptive vocabulary is the ability to comprehend words. To test a child’s receptive vocabulary you can ask questions like “Show me the crane” or “Point…

Train Set

Playing with a train unfolds a world of imagination And with stories like Thomas the Tank Engine your child already has an idea of the world of trains. Or read a story with a train in it, watch a YouTube video clip or look at nonfiction books…

What comes next?

Using the WHAT COMES NEXT GAME to develop language skills   Stories are an everyday part of our lives. We listen to the news over the radio, we watch a DVD or we read a storybook. Stories are also a constant part of our conversations:…

What's Wrong?

Working with absurd pictures always has a few laughs in store!  You can pack the cards out on the table and then ask your child to match a pair. If a match has been made, your child must say in words what is wrong with the picture. No pointing…
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Wikki Stix

Made from non-toxic, food-grade wax and hand-knitting yarn. Finger Manipulation Motor planning Fine motor dexterity  Teaching and learning Crafts Versatile Reusable Use with laminated cards to teach letter formation. Click…
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Tricky Fish

Hand stability Hand-eye coordination Visual Tracking Concentration Two difficulty levels  
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Rush Hour Junior

Logic Problem solving Spatial relations Graded from easy to difficult Task Completion A hit amongst children

Brainy Blocks

Brainy blocks are great for practising the following: Colour Shape Size Visual analysis and synthesis Logic Manual Dexterity Visual Motor Integration Play alone or with friends Graded for difficulty